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The only site you'll need to help you access your work orders, perform serial inquiries, obtain the latest software downloads, review the Lab and Feature Delivery Schedule, manage your Verifone POS assets and more!

Whatever your service or development goals, Premier offers easy access to Verifone's global services and resources.

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  • Query your Web Support Cases
  • View your recent Work Orders
  • Search through your entire Order History
  • Search through your Service Reports
  • Perform a Serial Inquiry
  • Use Site Finder to find your sites
  • Check out your Verifone Reports
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  • Create a new Work Order
  • Submit your Service Reports
  • Get your VeriOrder Access
  • Access Petro Downloads
  • Access Petro Distributor Resources
  • Access Petro Partners
  • Create Reseller Orders
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  • Find Help & FAQs for all features of the site
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